Fear less


There I was, sitting in a Chicago tattoo shop, getting Fear less on the back of my neck. The idea and visual popped into my head randomly. I made a promise with myself to wake up everyday with less fear than I had the day before. Fast-forward a few years later and it has become a brand and a mentorship program and it is continuing to grow.

Fearlessness is a daily goal of mine. It may be an unattainable goal but it certainly has brought me across many fear filled moments. It is a publicized goal that holds me accountable when turning back is tugging at my feet. It is a prayer for all of those I cross paths with.

Life is meant to be lived full force. Fear robs you of life. If you wait until the fear is no longer there, the days we pile up and turn into years. Regret is lousy company. Feel it, inhale it and do it anyway.

"the fears we don't face become our limits"

The limits we create have the strange ability of spreading and impacting those around us. We believe this false concept that we can live in our shell and we won’t harm anyone arounds us. I have come to realize that this is false. By harm I don’t physically of course, there are people watching us and younger generations who have their eyes on our every move. Our boldness or lack there of can influence those around and encourage them to boldness or fear.

Fear is a fancy word for doubt. When we begin to realize our potential and our greatness and believe the options are limitless for what we can accomplish. I mean really, what’s the worst that can happen? I often receive a thick list of excuses that people have convinced themselves is acceptable. They all fall in the category of doubt and the approval od others. Man’s approval is a low aim if we are concerned with what they say or how they will respond. I have always been a loner by default and stepping out in boldness was still daunting but it has been worth it. I have encountered supporters and friends that I might not have if I gave in to fears and seeking their approval. I have found that accepting who you are and living in that without fear causes others to face some things inside of themselves. I promote fearlessness so tough so that people would experience all the possibilities at their feet. So that they can see how amazing they really are.

I hope that you and I can wake up tomorrow with less fear than we had today!!