for the glitter...

Over the last week I have been asked why I do THIS work multiple times. In addition, I've gotten a few online questions about Glitter Squad and its purpose. Moving in my passion and purpose is why I do both, which are inextricably tied together. I move through the world focused and knowing that what I do in a space can create positive impact in another space. I move through the world dedicated to how youth voice shows up, especially that which is covered honey dipped, cinnamon dusted, and chocolate drizzled skin. Voice that is adorned in cornrows and barrettes, micros, fros, quick weaves, wraps and twist outs. 

I do THIS work so that there are spaces that invite Black girls to know from whence they came and see nothing but glow in their reflection. I serve so that when coming of age they can stand tall on the shoulders of our ancestors and elders. So that when it is all said and done Black women love themselves and each other freely, fiercely, fully, and first. That is why I do THIS work and I use Glitter Squad to recognize those that are doing it through their own lives on the daily basis. 

I also understand that this does not come easily. Growth is painfully beautiful. It is where glitter is made. Last year someone's daughter came of age and I offered words about glitter creation. I use those words again as a tribute to THIS work and the beautiful Black women I hope feel the ripples of my effort. 


There are times...
Darkness covers the sky
Passing cars
Sweeping winds
People still
Windows creek

Memories race
Instant replays
Words said
Tone remembered
Eyes rolled
Hands ill placed


In that fake silence
In that loud quiet
In that internal noise


They are hot
They are simple
They are alone

Listen to your heart in those moments. Listen to the still small voice of your creator.
Your feelings are important, feel them. Check your ego.
Nurse your wounds.
Remember the grace with which you've danced through space. Let the tears mimic that movement.

These moments are...


Be thankful in these times because as the day breaks you will notice shimmer in new spaces. That, my darling, is the reflection of your glitter in the sunlight of your


Embrace the moments. Be gracious with yourself. Lift your chin toward the sky.

Be the magic that you are! 

Spread the glitter created from that growth. 

I do this work to nurture those that work tirelessly in Glitter factories around the world. Growing and pruning and honing in. I do this work to be of service to the places that have nurtured my glitter so that those that come after me may produce abundantly with more poise and less noise.  

Yours in Glitter, 


Nikotris Perkins