Meeting Notes


Laugh like you know, which you should, but you are a gem on this planet Black girl. Laugh when your brilliance is questioned; when they ask "are you sure you can do it." Laugh when others are laughing. Find your joy and share it! 

Give! Give because you can, because it is the right thing to do. Offer a piece of your last because sharing is an option. You are a manifestation of your ancestors. A dream of your elders. Give what you have received, let your light shine.

Innovate around ways to build our community. We have the strength, power, and love to change any circumstance. We come from Kings and Queens and should behave and think as such. Dismantle these systems, fight for our economic power, innovate sister! Your innovation is a divine right and the path to our freedom. 

Ask for help. You cannot do this alone and someone sitting next to you has exactly what you need. Closed mouths don't get fed, please don't go hungry; simply ask. 

Support! When you see another Black woman smile. Do not ever cut your eyes no matter how mad or disappointed. Speak in love, support the spirit, growth and success of this community. If not you, who?! 

ReDonna Rodgers left an indelible mark on my life and community.  She gave me meeting notes every time I saw her, helping to nurture so much glitter in my life and in turn that of others. She was fresh, dope, on fleek, all that and a bag of chips. Her spirit is one that will last a lifetime!

May you laugh, give, innovate, ask and support with the rest of our ancestors. Rest in love and light! 

Yours in Glitter, 


Nikotris Perkins