Session 3: Dignity, Beloved Community, and MPS Essentials for School Climate and Culture

Our third school-wide session will focus on a chapter from the Teaching for Black Lives book. It is an essay by author, essayist, cultural critical, and American icon, James Baldwin entitled “A Talk to Teachers” (download link). This essay, written in 1963, remains relevant for educators as they consider power and politics impacting the experiences of students in the classroom and the school building. Completing this session should take 45-60 minutes. During the video, you will be asked to pause and reflect. Put your answers in the SurveyMonkey below. We will discuss everyone’s ideas during our session in February. Everyone should submit their responses by Friday, February 1. If you have any questions send an email to

Dignity, Beloved Community, and MPS Essentials for Climate and School Culture for James Madison Academic Campus.
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