GUEST POST TUESDAYS: School Goals and Dreams!

This week's blog post features the words of Glitter-in-Training, Makayla Helene.

Makayla is 13. She is a 7th grader at Central City Cyber School. Her favorite subject is ELA. Her favorite book is Alexander Hamilton. Her favorite food is orange chicken. She likes to dance for fun and believes she is really good at dancing and reading. 



School goals and dreams!!

Hello my name is Makayla. I am Monique’s little sister. I am here to talk about my goals for the school year. So i am a 7th grader. One of my goals are to keep my grades up so that i can go the 8th grade. I mean it all nice to be in the 7th grade it is just that i can’t stay in there my whole life. I also want to not take school for not granted. I say that be cause there are a lot of kids who can’t not go school are there parents can’t afford for there kids to go to school. I mean it all nice to go to school and all it is just that some people can’t go to school. I don’t like the way people take school granted. I also don’t want to be rude to my teacher be  cause it shows that we don’t know no better are that we don’t know anything. It also shows that your parents didn’t teach anything. Some more of my goals are to do my best. I also want to be the top of my class. And to be the be a student.


My dreams are to become a midwife. I want to become a midwife be cause i know a lot of midwifes . I also want to go to college be cause you need to go to college to become a midwife. The college i want to go to is Bradley i want to got there cause my brother and sister went to bradley. The high school i want to go is mca. I want to go there be cause my best friend zuria will be going there. I also want be a fulbright like my sister sojourner. She lived in spain for a year. I missed her with all of my heart. I also want be a dancer be cause i love to dance. My older brother josiah is a christian  rapper. I see myself to teach little ones to dance. Now i have a question for all of you.

What are your hopes and dreams?