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We Not Ready for Freedom: Case Study 1

"For too long we've been beholden to a set of surface feelings, organizing around ideas and beliefs about what it means to be a good person or create a good society. These efforts at good behavior and pursuit of good policies have proven to be no match for the deep embedded-ness of what is the foundation of, and has been intricately woven throughout, every facet, institution, and relationship of the United States and the psyche of its inhabitants: the racialization of people and its underlying presupposition -- the superiority of white skinned peoples. A direct requirement of maintaining that position has always been and continues to be the inferiority of Black people." -Rev. angel Kyodo williams

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“I See You”

Racial equity is recognizing that we have a problem with inequity based on race. Racial justice is the work of resistance against the damaging impact of racism. Racial liberation is reconciliation between and among flourishing communities. If we don’t celebrate our collective work towards racial equity, justice, and liberation. we might be consumed by the daunting nature of the task. 


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