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The first in a series focused on the individual that creates Beloved Community...

This blog isn’t one of cliches. It isn’t one of pretty answers or pre packaged steps. It is acknowledging hurt. It’s a reminder that your hurt may look similar to that of someone sitting next to you. It may sound like one you heard before on a talk show. It was offered to me that I am not the only one and I too can simply push and win, like so many in my same situation. I say it is different and I call bullshit.

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The Screen is Still Cracked

As we begin July the only month not focused on the school year in many minds, I have decided to follow up on my blog post from September 2017 My Screen is Cracked … I always have a sense of unbridled hope that the system will come back from the summer better than it left. And I as I sit at meetings talking about the school year both the upcoming and the one after, I know that it won't just happen because it can. But instead it will happen because WE made it happen. 

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